TN 4 (04-19)

DI 81005.060 Exhibit List Tab

  • The Exhibit List Tab displays once a hearing request is filed and Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) has exhibited the case documents. This tab mirrors the paper Exhibit List that OHO uses to display descriptions of documents relevant to the hearing process. OHO and Office of Appellate Operations (OAO) users can:

    • Create an Exhibit List;

    • Re-order the list (move items up or down);

    • Edit exhibit metadata;

    • Add paper documents to the Exhibit List;

    • Print the exhibit list;

    • Copy the Exhibit List and all or individual exhibits to a compact disc (CD);

    • View the electronic exhibits; and

    • Permanently mark every page of the electronic exhibits included in the Exhibit List, with the appropriate exhibit number and page number at the top right corner of every page.


    Neither the Exhibit List nor individual Exhibits can be modified after they are permanently marked. They can, however, be viewed by subsequent reviewers.

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