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DI 81010.045 Data Repropagation in Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS)

A. Overview

Repropagation of data in EDCS:

  • Is a process similar to that of initial data propagation from SSA's mainframe systems.

  • Causes the system to check for data on the mainframe systems for the selected EDCS case.

  • Occurs automatically when the jurisdiction of the case is transferred, or you can choose to “REPROP” from the Case Disability Selection page in EDCS without transferring.

  • Is not apparent to the user if no changes have been made to the mainframe since original data propagation.

  • Updates some fields in EDCS, but does NOT replace EDCS entries if allegations of conditions and/or date last insured are changed in the mainframe.

B. When Data Cannot Repropagate

Repropagation is not possible if a case is:

  • Locked;

  • Transferred to the jurisdiction of another component;

  • Closed (no pending claims left on the case); or

  • Not in your jurisdiction.


NOTE: Use the “Update-After-Transfer” utility to update any information if the case is transferred. See Using the Update-After-Transfer Utility - DI 81010.095, for more information on using this function.

C. Fields that Repropagate

1. All Claims

If new or modified mainframe data is found, the repropagate function collects the information, propagates the data into the EDCS system, and overlays non-editable fields, such as:

  • Claimant’s Name and date of birth;

  • Claimant’s Address and telephone number;

  • Language Preference;

  • Number Holder’s SSN;

  • Claim Type(s);

  • Alleged Onset Date;

  • Number Holder Date of Death; and

  • Attorney Representation.

2. Additional Fields that Repropagate for Child Claims

Additional fields that can repropagate for child claims are:

  • Applicant Relationship to Child;

  • Applicant Information;

  • Applicant Name (First, Middle, Last, Suffix, or Agency Name); and

  • Applicant Address and phone number.

D. Fields That Do Not Repropagate

Fields that cannot repropagate are:

  • Date Last Insured; and

  • Alleged Disabling Condition.

NOTE: If changes to these fields are necessary, edit them in EDCS.

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