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DI 81020.030 Prior Folder Material

A. General

Evidence from a previously processed case may have adjudicative significance to the evaluation and determination of the current case. Specific documents that are stored in a prior paper or electronic folder may be added into the current Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) through scanning, or Document Management Architecture (DMA) document manipulation.

NOTE: If a prior folder contains a “Report of Investigation” completed by the Cooperative Disability Investigations (CDI) Unit, scan a copy of the report into the current CEF to ensure that the current component is aware of any previous investigations (see Disability Determination Services (DDS) – Procedures After the Fraud or Similar Fault (FSF) Referral is Sent - DI 23025.020A.2.).

B. Prior Folder Evidence Relevant – Reopening Applicable

For instructions on processing reopenings, see Processing Reopenings - DI 81020.115.

C. Prior Folder Evidence Relevant – Reopening not Applicable

The DDS adds a copy of the evidence from a prior folder to the current CEF if the evidence is relevant to making a determination on the current CEF, but will not result in a reopening of the prior application or disability determination.

When adding a copy of the relevant evidence from a prior folder to the current CEF:

  • Ensure the Paper Folder Indicators (PFI) correctly show there is a prior paper folder associated with the current CEF (see Paper Folder Indicators (PFI) - DI 81020.010).

  • Document the Case Development Summary Worksheet to show which evidence from the prior folder is being added to the CEF.

  • Use the document type code 0006 PFLDRMED (Prior Folder Medical Evidence) for prior medical evidence (e.g., medical evidence of record, Consultative Examination (CE) reports).

  • Use the document type code 0007 PFLDRDRE (Prior Folder Disability Related Evidence) for all other prior folder non-medical evidence (e.g., Childhood Function Report, Teacher Questionnaire).

  • If the prior folder is a paper Modular Disability Folder (MDF), return the paper document(s) to the paper MDF after scanning.

NOTE: If the prior folder is a CEF, documents may be printed from the prior CEF and scanned into the current CEF or the DDS may use DMA document manipulation.

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