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DI 81020.200 Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Short Term Process Overview

Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs) and Age 18 Redeterminations are no longer excluded from electronic folder case processing. Release 11.1 of EDCS/eView/EFI provides the capability to process these cases electronically.

The Field Office (FO) continues to serve as the starting point for CDRs. While many CDRs involve paper Comparison Point Decision (CPD) folders, some cases have electronic CPD folders. The new electronic capability allows CPD folders to be linked with the electronic CDR folder and processed entirely in an electronic environment.

A. eCDR Short Term Process Features

  • Limited case identifying data is captured in new Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) screens for eCDRs.

  • The SSA-454-BK is imaged rather than keyed.

  • CPD folders that are electronic remain electronic. For CPD folders that are paper, the Disability Determination Services (DDS) has the option of either preparing a detailed CDR rationale that describes the CPD evidence or scanning the relevant CPD documents into the eCDR folder.

  • The system tracks whether the CPD folder is electronic or paper. The paper CPD folder follows the eCDR through the adjudication process.

  • The CDR is processed electronically. All folder documentation for the CDR is captured and stored in the electronic folder. This establishes an electronic CPD folder for future CDRs.

  • Because all of the development and documentation for the eCDR will be contained in eView, it is important that the paper CPD folder contain a FLAG so that subsequent paper folder handlers will know that there is an electronic component to the official folder.

NOTE: While the original paper CPD file will not be routinely retrieved for future eCDRs, it will be available should it be needed by a subsequent reviewer such as an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

B. Contents of the eCDR Certified Electronic Folder (CEF)

A new electronic folder is created for the CDR. The electronic folder created at the CDR level contains information and/or documents that are relevant to the CDR level only. While CPD documents from the initial/reconsideration/hearing may be scanned or copied into the eCDR folder, they are still contained in the original paper or electronic folder for the initial/reconsideration determination and hearing decision.

1. Case Data

The Case Data section of eView contains data keyed by the FO for the CDR level. Data from prior level(s) is not available in the eCDR folder, but can be accessed by opening the prior level using eView.

2. Case Documents

The Case Documents section of eView contains electronic documents for the CDR level.

a. Electronic CPD

If the CPD folder is electronic, all documents from that folder, if linked will be copied into the eCDR folder and displayed in eView with a level of “CPD”. The documents will remain in the original folder, as well as, the eCDR folder.

b. Paper CPD

If the CPD folder is paper, the documents are not stored electronically. Only documents selected by the DDS to be scanned into the eCDR will be in the electronic folder.

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