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DI 81020.235 Medical/Psychological Consultant (MC/PC) Review

If the Comparison Point Decision (CPD) folder is paper, route it to the MC/PC for review. The MC/PC reviews the Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) and the CPD folder (paper or electronic) and continues to follow current policies pertaining to medical evaluation. See Legal Standard for Determining If Disability Continues - DI 28005.001.

Use eForms to prepare medical assessment forms and save them to the Certified Electronic Folder (CEF):

  • SSA-4734-F4 (Physical Residual Functional Capacity [PRFC])

  • SSA-2506-BK (Psychiatric Review Technique Form [PRTF])

  • SSA-4735-F4 Sup (Mental Residual Functional Capacity [MRFC])

Medical assessment eForms which are signed using the “Sign” button do not require a written signature. See eForms - DI 81020.105C.

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