SI CHI00520.001 Field Office Liaison With Title XIX Facilities/Institutions

Public Law 103-387 requires nursing home, extended care facility, or intermediate care facility administrators to report SSI recipient admissions within two weeks. The law applies to admissions occurring on or after October 1, 1995.

Field offices (FOs) must ensure that they have established liaison and notification procedures with all title XIX facilities and public institutions in their service area as required by SI 00520.001D. It is vitally important to SSA's debt prevention efforts that we obtain prompton of admissions to the facilities and that we expeditiously act on notices when received.

FOs should encourage cooperation, direct reporting of admissions and discharges, and problem resolution through frequent communication with institutional staff. The individual in the FO selected as liaison for each facility/institution in their service area should make contacts on a regular basis. Copies of the SSA-8150 (Reporting Events SSI) should be supplied and the FO liaison should ensure that the title XIX facility/institution liaison understands the importance of timely reporting.

In the rare event of a refusal by the facility/institution to cooperate in establishing a liaison program or in agreeing to report events, the FO should document their efforts and forward the information to the area director. The area director will inform MOS-CRSI/SSI. Contact will be made with appropriate State officials by MOS-CRSI/SSI to obtain the necessary cooperation by the facility/institution.

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