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SI 00603.004 Simultaneous Development Application Process

A. Introduction

The instructions on processing simultaneous development claims in this section are divided into two parts:

  • initial simultaneous development, meaning the claim has been simultaneous development from the start of the application process; and

  • switch to simultaneous development, meaning the claim was deferred initially and then switched to simultaneous development before receipt of a disability determination.

B. Procedure - initial simultaneous development

1. Obtain application

In claims which are initial simultaneous development, obtain an application on paper or on the MSSICS as outlined below.

a. Paper application


  • Form SSA-8000-BK (Application for SSI) completed per SI 00604.001 ff.;

  • supplementary forms such as Form SSA-8010-BK (Statement of Income and Resources) and Form SSA-8006-F4 (Statement of Living Arrangements, In-Kind Support and Maintenance); and

  • the necessary disability forms (DI 10105.085)

b. MSSICS application

  • Select FULL for application type on the ACLM screen, and

  • obtain the necessary disability forms (DI 10105.085).

2. Send disability folder

Transfer the case to the DDS (or to the Great Lakes Program Service Center (GLPSC) DPB, DDS site code V32, for career railroad (RR) workers and dependent RR annuitants, as appropriate per DI 11010.280) and forward immediately unless it is being held per SI 00603.010C. to develop a questionable eligibility issue.

3. Complete development

Complete all development as soon as possible. However, when nondisability eligibility is questionable, you may develop only the questionable issue at first per SI 00603.010E.

4. Systems input

a. Paper application

For paper applications, input H80 in the Payment Status (PS) field while development continues. When development is complete, delete the H80. (See SM 01010.055 for a description of H80.)

b. MSSICS application

For MSSICS applications, the payment status automatically becomes H80 when the full claim is shown as received on Development Worksheet (DW01).

If and when all development is complete, enter “Y” in response to CLOSE OPEN EVENT on the BUILD SSR (DSSR) screen and then enter the INITIAL CLAIM DECISION on the DADJ screen.

C. Procedure - switch to simultaneous development

1. When to switch

Initiate simultaneous development on a deferred development case in the following situations.

  • You decide at some point after the application has been filed and before a DDS determination is received that a claim meets one of the requirements for simultaneous development (SI 00603.002)

    EXAMPLE: You learn the claimant is homeless two weeks after filing.

  • You decide when a reconsideration or hearing request is filed on a medical denial that the claimant's medical condition is terminal (TERI) or meets the other medical/vocational guidelines in DI 11010.025.

    NOTE: The reason for not initiating simultaneous development for nonmedical reasons only (e.g., claimant becomes homeless) is because it is likely that the DDS determination will remain the same.

  • The DDS makes a presumptive disability/presumptive blindness determination (PD/PB) per DI 23535.010

  • The DDS determines a case meets TERI criteria

2. Ask additional questions

a. Paper application

  • Obtain a supplemental SSA-8000-BK and related forms. (See SI 00604.001 ff. for instructions on completing the SSA-8000-BK.)

  • Do not ask questions on the SSA-8000-BK that elicit information that has already been obtained on the SSA-8001-BK and are not subject to change (e.g., other names, social security numbers (SSNs), date of birth, place of birth, disability).

b. MSSICS application

Change application type to FULL on ACLM and answer the unanswered questions in the claims path.

3. Review previous answers

a. Paper application

Compare information on the SSA-8000-BK to the SSA-8001-BK and resolve any conflicts.

b. MSSICS application

Review with the individual answers given previously that are subject to change. (Examples of items not subject to change are other names, SSNs, date of birth, place of birth, disability.) Record any changes since the application was filed.

c. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) questions

Ask the SNAP questions again, if appropriate. For detailed information, see Screening Individuals for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Eligibility or Application Status (SI 01801.010).

4. Pursue development

Pursue all outstanding development.

5. TERI cases

Alert the DDS or the hearing office if you have decided a case meets TERI criteria (DI 11005.601).

6. Obtain signature

Obtain the signature of the claimant, other proper applicant, or representative payee applicant on the SSA-8000-BK or amended MSSICS application.

NOTE: The representative payee applicant's signature is valid only if they are ultimately selected as payee.

7. Systems input

a. Paper application

  • Remove the DEF code immediately.

  • Input the date the SSA-8000-BK was completed in the PERC-Update (PC) field (SM 01005.660) and delete PS H80 when all nondisability development is complete.

b. MSSICS application

No special entries are required until all nondisability development is complete. At that point, enter “Y” response to CLOSE OPEN EVENT on the DSSR screen and enter INITIAL CLAIM DECISION on the DADJ screen.

D. References

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