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SI 00603.030 Preeffectuation Review Contact (PERC) - Introduction

A. Definitions


A PERC is the process of bringing up to date and/or fully documenting a claim after receipt of a notice of disability allowance. A PERC is conducted for all deferred development claims and certain simultaneous development claims. A PERC for a simultaneous development claim may be a limited PERC or a full PERC.

2. Limited PERC

PERC is the process of bringing a simultaneous development claim up to date on a limited set of issues.

3. Full PERC

A full PERC is a PERC on a deferred development claim or a simultaneous development claim which does not meet the requirements for a limited PERC. A full PERC involves a review of all issues subject to change.

4. Notice of Disability Allowance

A notice of disability allowance can take several forms:

  • SSA-831-C3/U3 (Disability Determination and Transmittal) and folder from the Disability Determination Services (DDS)

  • DDS early alert notification (SI 00603.020)

  • Alerts generated by a DDS systems input of the allowance, (SM 01305.860)

  • Notice of ALJ decision

  • Notice of an Appeals Council decision

  • Notice of court decision

5. Date of First Eligibility

The date (MMDDYY) the individual first meets all eligibility factors and may be as early as the filing date.

6. PERC Reference Date

The PERC reference date is the date to which you must refer when reviewing the factors subject to change on a full PERC or the limited factors of a limited PERC. The reference date is the latest of the following dates:

  • application receipt date,

  • date of first eligibility, or

  • date the claim was switched from deferred to simultaneous development prior to receipt of a medical allowance (i.e., the date the SSA-8000-BK (Application for SSI) was completed, or date the full MSSICS path was selected.

7. PERC Date

The PERC date is the date information is collected to complete the PERC. It is the date of the PERC interview with the claimant when the PERC is being processed outside of MSSICS. It is the date the PERC path is opened in a MSSICS claim (which is usually the date of the PERC interview).

B. Policy - General

An FO must conduct a PERC when required by SI 00603.031 through SI 00603.032 in order to pay a claim which required a disability determination. The file is not sufficiently documented without documentation of the PERC. Closeout procedures apply when the claimant does not respond to Form SSA-L8009-U3 (Request for Information/Evidence) to come in, call in, or return the signed PERC document. (See SI 00601.110 and SI 00601.120 for a further explanation of closeout procedures.)

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