TN 66 (02-95)

SI 00830.007 Developmental Rules in Posteligibility Situations

A. Introduction

Some types of income and income exclusions have special rules that apply in posteligibility (PE) situations. For example, in the section on rental income, if an SSI recipient with rental income reports a new expense, the remaining income estimates may need to be recalculated.

When no specific instructions exist, however, the general rules in this subsection apply.

B. Procedure

1. General

Unless specific instructions indicate otherwise, the general rules for developing unearned income found in SI 00830.005 also apply in PE situations.

2. Developmental tolerances

When completing a redetermination, follow the specific developmental tolerances which apply for certain interfaced income (SI 02305.099).

C. References

General rules for developing unearned income, SI 00830.005

Retroactive funding changes, SI 00830.015

Rental income, SI 00830.505

Developmental tolerances in PE situations, SI 02305.099.

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