TN 76 (12-97)

SI 00830.055 Exclusions Under Other Federal Statutes

A. Introduction

1. General

Federal statutes other than the Social Security Act sometimes provide that the SSI program must exclude from income (or income and resources) assistance provided under those statutes.

2. New exclusions

Be aware that new or different assistance programs may have Federal involvement and be subject to an exclusion. (Central office does not always immediately know when exclusions are enacted if they are handled by another agency.) Follow the guidelines in B. below when a program is questionable or someone alleges a new exclusion or type of assistance.

B. Procedure - Exclusion new or questionable

1. Contact RO

Contact the regional office (RO) if there is reason to believe an exclusion exists for a program with Federal involvement or if you learn of a new exclusion.

2. Helpful information

The name of the local program or agency may not be sufficient information to make a determination. As possible, provide the RO with the following information:

  • the name of the program and what it does;

  • the public law (name and number) which authorizes the program (e.g., P.L. 99-498, the Higher Education Amendments of 1986);

  • the section number(s) in the public law which pertain to the program; and

  • the Federal agency which is responsible for Federal involvement in the program.

C. Reference

List of exclusions under other Federal statutes and related POMS instructions, SI 00830.099.

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