TN 113 (10-11)

SI 00830.660 Victims' Compensation Payments Income Exclusion


Social Security Act Section 1612(b)(17)

A. Policy on victims’ compensation payments

Effective May 1, 1991, we exclude from income any payments received from a fund established by a State to aid victims of crime.

B. Procedure for verifying a victims’ compensation payments

Verify that the victim’s compensation payments came from a State established fund to aid victims of a crime. For verification purposes:

  • use documents in the individual's possession;

  • contact the provider; or

  • use a precedent file established by the local office.

    Once you verify the compensation, accept the individual's allegation of the compensated amount, and the date received. Exclude the payment without further development.

    NOTE:  If the individual retains compensation payments beyond the month of receipt, see SI 01130.665 for additional verification requirements.

C. References

SI 01130.665 Victim’s Compensation Payments

SI 00510.005 Types of Other Program Benefits

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SI 00830.660 - Victims' Compensation Payments Income Exclusion - 09/30/1991
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