SI BOS00870.025 Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS)

A. General

After a PASS is submitted to a field office (FO) in the Boston Region, the regional cadre will undertake development directly with the PASS applicant. Also, the cadre will conduct progress checks and reviews and deal with PASS participants on other PASS related post-eligibility events. FO assistance with development will be requested by the cadre if the situation warrants local contact with the PASS applicant/participant.

B. Regional PASS cadre

The regional PASS cadre is located in the Malden, MA field office (FO 045). The address and telephone numbers are:

Boston Regional PASS Cadre

Social Security Administration

192 Commercial St

Malden, MA 02148

1-866-467-9731 (Toll Free)

1-833-926-1839 (FAX)

PASS Cadre Members:




Hilda Quezada

Ext. 29712


C. Role of the claims representative in the PASS process

The following highlights the role of the FO technician in the PASS process:

  • Be knowledgeable about PASS policy/procedures so that general questions can be answered.

  • Be able to identify potential PASS applicants.

  • Provide the cadre with any assistance they request in adjudicating the PASS.

  • Accept the PASS (SSA-545) including any documentation the individual can provide at the time of application, and ensure that the SSA-545 is fully completed before submitting it to the cadre.

  • Fax or route a copy (not the original) of the PASS and all related PASS material on the day it is received, or the following work day, using the PASS ROUTING SHEET (Exhibit 1). Note: Keep a copy of the routing sheet in file.

  • Accept PASS reconsideration requests and determine if appellant wants a case review, face-to-face or telephone conference. If face-to-face, conduct the reconsideration conference and make the reconsideration decision. Otherwise, refer the request to the PASS cadre.

  • Route copies of ALJ reversals of PASS determinations to the cadre for effectuation.

  • Take a FULL initial SSI application if the PASS applicant is currently entitled to Title II benefits only. DO NOT take an abbreviated application. A full application captures both income and resource information needed to determine if any PASS exclusions apply.

  • Make systems input, issue notices, etc. as described in POMS if the PASS is associated with an initial claim.

  • Direct Congressional inquiries pertaining to PASS decisions to the Malden District Manager (DM) at |MA FO Malden, not directly to the cadre. It is preferable that these inquiries be in writing.

  • Direct requests for PASS training from advocates and organizations that serve the disabled community to the Malden DM.

D. Role of the PASS cadre

The following highlights the role of the PASS cadre:

  • Review and evaluate the initial PASS and all amendments, modifications, progress reviews, progress checks, and final accounting.

  • Contact PASS applicant/participant to obtain additional information/documentation to resolve outstanding issues.

  • Contact PASS applicants to discuss possible modifications to the PASS if the PASS does not have a feasible goal; i.e., clearly identifiable goal, or is not viable.

  • Make initial PASS determinations and reconsideration determinations if the request is for a case file review or a conference conducted by phone.

  • Provide the servicing FO with systems input instructions and notice language if the PASS is associated with an initial claim.

  • Make systems input and issue notices if the PASS is not associated with an initial claim.

  • Conduct PASS progress checks, in addition to progress reviews.

  • Collect management information about PASS.

  • Provide training, upon request, to advocates and organizations that serve the disabled community.

  • Provide training to FO staff as needed.

E. Summary

All SSA staff should treat PASS applicants and participants courteously. PASS decisions, including issuance of notices, should be made within 30 days after receipt of all necessary documentation. If a decision and notice cannot be released within this time frame the FO or cadre, whichever component has responsibility for the pending action, should send an informational letter explaining the PASS status to the claimant. This will avoid unfavorable public relation issues stemming from delays in the PASS process.

(Exhibit 1)



TO:      Social Security Administration

ATTN:  PASS REVIEW CADRE                                                          DATE:

            192 Commercial St

            Malden, MA 02148

FAX: 1-833-926-1839

(ATTN): _______________________________

RE:         _______________________________

                       Claimant Name




Type:         Initial            Recon          ALJ Reversal


Recons only:   ___ Case review    ____ Face-to-face     ____ Telephone



______ Copies of PASS plan(s)

______ Documentation provided to FO


FROM:  DO CONTACT:     _____________________________

             TELEPHONE:        _____________________________

              FAX #:                    _____________________________

             DO Name & Code:  _____________________________



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