TN 9 (07-00)

SI 00870.060 Progress Review Notice


1. General Directions for Completing Progress Review Notice

Notify the individual of the results of the progress review as well as what was reviewed. Follow instructions in NL 00801.010 ff. and NL 00803.001 ff. Use the PASS notices on the FONS, if available.

Send a copy of the notice to the assisting agency, if any, provided that the individual has consented to the release of information about the PASS.

2. Plan Will Continue

Notify the individual that the plan will continue using an SSA-L8166-C1 in NL 00802.035, using the PASS notices on the FONS, if available. Include the individual's continued responsibility to:

  • report any changes in circumstances that require changes in the PASS;

  • keep resources and income set aside under the plan separate and identifiable;

  • keep complete records of expenditures (enclose another PASS Expenditure/Savings Record and an SSI Recordkeeper Folder if warranted); and

  • follow the plan.

3. Plan Will Not Continue

See SI 00870.070E. regarding notices for suspended or terminated plans when the PASS will not continue.

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