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SI 00870.080 Resumption Of A PASS

A. Policy-- resuming a PASS

A suspended PASS (as described in SI 00870.070) may resume (and SSA will exclude the income and resources) when the individual resolves the reason for the suspension and the PASS expert approves the individual's request, including any amendment, to pursue the PASS. At the PASS expert's discretion, an individual may be allowed to resume a PASS that was suspended for more than 12 months as long as the individual was not terminated for SSI benefits.

B. Procedure -- resuming a PASS

Resume the PASS as of the month you determine to be appropriate; i.e., the individual began to re-pursue the plan or an approved amendment (see SI 00870.050 for amending a plan). If the PASS was erroneously suspended because the person was considered to have sufficient earnings for all expenses, or amends the plan to include additional expenses, resume the PASS as of the month of suspension. Take the appropriate actions per SI 00870.080C. - SI 00870.080E.

C. Procedure -- notice preparation

1. PASS Being Resumed

Send a manual notice using form SSA-L8166-C1 in NL 00802.035 and include the following:

  • the month the plan is resumed and through which you approve the plan for extension (per SI 00870.055D.1.) and you will next review the plan and consider any further extension;

  • any changes in the previous set-aside income/resources and the reasons for these changes;

  • a separate notice will explain any changes in benefit due to any changes in the set-aside income;

  • any changes in the scheduled completion date of the PASS or the approved goods and services;

  • any third party who will receive a copy of the notice pursuant to the individual's authorization; and

  • the individual's continued responsibility to:

    report any changes in circumstances that require changes in the PASS;

    keep complete records of expenditures (enclose another PASS Expenditure/Savings Record and an SSI Recordkeeper Folder if warranted); and

    keep resources and income set aside under the plan separate and identifiable; follow the plan.

In addition make sure that the notice also complies with instructions for processing a reconsideration request (see SI 04020.030) or revised determination (see SI 04070.050) as appropriate.

2. PASS Not Being Resumed

Send a manual notice explaining your decision. Follow the instructions in NL 00803.000 ff. and NL 00804.240. Be sure that the notice also adheres to the instructions pertaining to requests for a reconsideration (see SI 04020.030) or reopening (see SI 04070.050), as appropriate.

D. References -- systems inputs

Systems Inputs, SI 00870.055B.3.

File Documentation and Notice Distribution, SI 00870.040b.4.

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