TN 7 (03-99)

SI 01140.044 Resources With Zero Value

A. Policy

1. Effect of a CMV of Zero

Property that meets the definition of a resource (SI 01110.100 B.1.) is a resource even if it has no value to count; i.e., has a CMV of zero (SI 01110.100 B.2.).

2. Unsuccessful Attempts to Sell

An unsuccessful attempt to sell property at its estimated CMV may suggest that the property has a lesser CMV than estimated, but does not necessarily mean that the property has no CMV at all.

B. Procedure

1. Reasonable Efforts to Sell

For the effect of reasonable but unsuccessful efforts to sell real property, see SI 01130.140.

2. Conversion of a Resource

Should property that has been determined to have no CMV be sold, the proceeds of the sale represent the conversion of a resource, not income (SI 01110.600 B.4.).

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