SI BOS01310.207 Medicaid Eligibility Under A State Home Care Plan

See SI 01310.207

A. Background

Sections 1902(e)(3) and 1915(c) of the Social Security Act allow States the opportunity to develop programs for medical assistance to certain groups of individuals in order to provide them with home and community based care.

In the Boston Region, all States provide Section 1915(c) or Section 1902(e)(3) home and community based care programs that include disabled children.

B. Policy

Disabled children who are eligible for Medicaid under one of these State home care plans may be eligible for SSI benefits under the deeming waiver provision (Section 8010 of Public Law 101-239) provided that they meet all the requirements described in SI 01310.201.

C. Procedure

1. When to verify

See SI 01310.207B.1. for instructions on when to verify Medicaid eligibility under a State home care plan.

2. What to verify

3. How to verify

For residents of all New England States, the Boston Region Center for Programs Support (CPS) will contact the State home health care plan coordinators to determine membership in the State's home health care plan. Field offices should submit a request through the vHelp system for CPS to verify an individual’s eligibility under this program. Do not call the local State office.

Record the response from CPS on a Report of Contact (Report of Contact page or on form SSA-5002).

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