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SI 01410.010 Introduction to Determining the State and County of Residence

A. Introduction

When States have elected Federal administration of their State supplementary payments (SSPs), SSA uses the residency determination when making SSP eligibility and payment amount decisions.

As discussed more fully in SI 01715.010A.3., SSA also determines Medicaid eligibility for SSI recipients in the majority of States. As part of this task, SSA determines the State and county responsible for the recipient's Medicaid.

When there is no SSP or the SSP is State-administered the State/county of residence for SSP purposes is the State/county of residence for Medicaid purposes. SSA field offices (FOs) determine the State of residence even when there is no SSP or SSP is State-administered. The residence determination is conveyed to the States by the State data exchange (SDX ). States use this information to administer several of their programs.

The State/county of residence determination is not used for any SSI program purpose. For example, a determination as to a recipient's State/county of residence may not be used as part of the decision as to the excludability of a home to which the recipient intends to return.

B. Policy - general

In most instances, the State and county provided by the claimant, recipient or representative payee are sufficient. Generally, you must look behind the alleged State and county of residence if:

  • there is a discrepancy in the individual's allegations;

  • there is a discrepancy in the file;

  • emancipation of a child is involved;

  • institutionalization is involved; or

  • the information in the file or allegations are inconsistent with other facts at hand.

See section SI 01410.040 for further guidelines as when to develop residency and when not to develop residency.

C. Procedure - general

Use your knowledge of your service area to overkey the prefilled State and county code when appropriate.

NOTE: The Modernized Supplemental Security Income Claims System ( MSSICS) will prefill a State and county code based on the residence ZIP code. ZIP codes reflect the State accurately but may cross county lines.

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