SI DEN01415.013 Supplementary Payments In Wyoming

A. Mandatory Supplementary Payments

Wyoming has no mandatory supplementary payments.

B. Optional Supplementary Payments

1. Administration

Wyoming administers its own optional supplementary payments which is a flat $9.70 per month for those eligible for SSI payments ($19.40 for a couple). The rates for months prior to July of 1992 were $20 for individuals and $40 for a couple.

2. Lien or Relative Responsibility


3. Residency Requirements

Eligibles must be shown on the Wyoming SDX as receiving SSI payments for the month in which the supplement will be paid.

4. Duration of Residency Requirement


5. Additional Income and Resource Exclusions

None in the law but technically they could be receiving unearned income of $20 or less, since this would not show up in the countable unearned income field of the SDX and, therefore, still receive the supplement. Earned income of $65 or less would not be posted to the countable earned income field of the SDX, allowing the supplement in these cases as well.

6. Adjusted Payment Levels


7. Variations:

  1. a. 

    Geographic - None.

  2. b. 

    Categories - Only those SSI recipients on the SDX who are in LA codes A or B and in current pay status who have no entries in the earned or unearned income fields, will be paid the supplement. Persons residing in nursing homes are not eligible for the supplement.


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