SI SF01415.200 Hawaii Optional State Supplementation (BASIC 07/2014)

Hawaii provides additional payments in supplementation to the basic Federal SSI payment. An SSI recipient in Hawaii may receive either a mandatory or optional supplement depending on individual circumstances. By agreement, SSA administers both mandatory and optional State supplementation payments for Hawaii.

The provision for mandatory supplementation requires that states provide a supplement to maintain converted individuals/couples at their December 1973 income levels. This was mandated to assure that no individual’s income would be reduced because of the federalization of state welfare programs in 1974. (SI 01401.001B.4, SI 01403.001B.9, and SI 02005.082)

The mandatory level is designated Minimum Income Level (MIL) and is retained until the converted recipient dies or is no longer blind or disabled. Optional State Supplement (OSS) payment levels are usually higher than MILs, so most recipients in Hawaii receive payments based on optional supplement payment levels.

Hawaii currently provides supplementation for the following living arrangement variations (SI SF01415.210):

  • OSS B — Community Care Foster Family Home (effective 1/2003)

  • OSS D — Residence in a medical facility where Title XIX (Medicaid) pays more than 50% of the cost of care (effective 7/2007)

  • OSS H — Domiciliary Care I (effective 7/1997, combined previous F/G/&H)

  • OSS I — Domiciliary Care II (effective 7/1997)

Living arrangement variations in effect for prior periods are (SI SF01415.220):

  • OSS A — Independent Living (1/1974 through 12/2002 only)

  • OSS B — Living in the Household of another (1/1974 through 6/1983 only)

  • OSS F — Level 1 Domiciliary Care (1/1974 through 6/1997 only)

  • OSS G — Level 2 Domiciliary Care (1/1974 through 6/1997 only)

  • OSS H — Level 3 Domiciliary Care (1/1974 through 6/1997 only)

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