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SI 02004.010 Field Office Procedures for Emergency Advance Payments

A. Procedures

1. Compute the EAP amount

Determine the individual’s EAP amount, i.e., the SSI RMA program or SSI RMA Payment Worksheet, SSA-4968. Once the EAP has been paid and recorded on the SSR, retention of the printout/SSA-4968 is no longer required.

2. Completion of the Emergency Advance Payment Screens in MSSICS to generate an EAP check from the Third Party Payment System (TPPS)

The 3-step process involved to generate an EAP is:

  • establishment

  • approval; and

  • transmittal of the information to the SSR

There will be an interface between MSSICS and the TPPS system. The information will be needed to create a third party draft (TPD) for an EAP which will be propagated to the TPPS queue from the UPEP screen in MSSICS. In order to allow printing of the TPD check from TPPS, the EAP data must be established, approved, and transmitted to the SSR all on the same day. If all three steps are not completed in the same day, the EAP information will be dropped from the MSSICS holding file and will not be propagated into TPPS and will not be sent to the SSR in the overnight batch process.

IMPORTANT: When an EAP is being established, the system interfaces with the EAP data base. If an EAP already exists on the data base, an EAP will not be allowed to be paid. If an EAP does not exist on the EAP data base, then the EAP is approved and transmitted. The data base will be updated with the EAP information. An EAP will not be allowed if the SSR has a prior payment issued.

NOTE: Link to TPPS

3. Establish the EAP

In the Direct SSR Update path in MSSICS:

From the UMEN screen:

  • Select the Payment Menu (UPMN), Function “5” – Special Payments

From the Special Payments Menu (UPSP):

  • Select Function Payment ‘1’ for Establish, and

  • Then select payment type “1” for Emergency Advance Payment

Complete the Emergency Advance Payment (UPEP) screen per MS 00303.008 and enter through the simulated SSR (SSIM).

Recovery of the EAP

  • From retroactive SSI benefits

    Enter “1” in the Recovery Method (10-M) field on the UPEP screen. Once the SSR has been built, the recovery of the EAP will automatically be updated to the APM field on the SSR. Collection will then be initiated.

  • In monthly installments

    Enter “2” in the Recovery Method (10-M) field on the UPEP screen.

    NOTE: Field 11-C MUST be completed if the EAP will be repaid with a negotiated rate.

  • Review the simulated SSR to make sure the APM field reflects the EAP correctly and return to the MSSI menu.

4. Approval of EAP

  • Another user (with a different PIN and password than the establisher) must log onto PCOM and approve the EAP.

  • On the UMEN select Payment Menu

  • On the UPMN select “5” Special Payments

  • One the UPSP select “4” for Approve and “1” for EAP. The approver enters through the simulated SSR to complete the approval.

  • Approval of the EAP must take place from the UPSP screen and with a different PIN and “password” than the Establisher.

5. Transmit the EAP

  • The person who established the EAP must reenter the Direct SSR Update path to transmit

  • From the UPSP screen, select the “Transmit” function “5”.

  • Enter through to the BTCF screen and select “Send Data to the SSR.”

Once transmitted, the data goes to the SSR and the TPPS system.

The cashier MUST now retrieve the information for the EAP draft from the TPPS Main Menu. This can be done by selection “11” Generate Draft from Title II/Title XVI from the TPPS Main Menu. After the information has been retrieved, the cashier will enter “Y” from the Save Confirmation/Print Preview screen. The check information is sent to the printer and the check will be printed.

The cashier has the CS/CSR initial all copies of the TPD to indicate its receipt.

NOTE: When a manual check is written, the information MUST still be retrieved from the TPPS data base. The TPPS will not issue EAPs over $2,000.

6. Complete, process and distribute the SSA-8102

a. Use of Form

Before releasing the TPD, record receipt of the EAP on Form SSA-8102, (Advance Payment Receipt and Notice). This form is available electronically to FOs through the inForm application. (Exhibit in SI 02004.060). If each member of a couple receives an EAP, use a separate Form SSA-8102 for each.

b. Processing

  • Before releasing the EAP check, obtain an SSIM and review the APM field to reflect the EAP.

NOTE: The SSIM should not be considered proof that the EAP was posted.

  • Obtain another SSI query the following day to verify the EAP is posted and the EAP recovery. Attach the SSI query to the original signed SSA-8102.

  • Give the original SSA-8102 with the SSI query to the cashier who prepared the draft. The cashier must inform the FO manager if any of these documents are not received as required for FO manager audit and review.

  • After the EAP has been correctly recorded on the SSR, the SSA-8102 and the SSI query must be retained as documentation in the TPPS file only.

c. Completion

The CSR or CS will print an original and two copies of the form and complete as follows:

  • Enter the name and SSN of the claimant.

  • Check the “Emergency Advance Payment” block, and enter the TPD amount. If the EAP will be recovered in installments, add to the end of the paragraph “I understand...” the following sentence: “The payment will be recovered in       monthly installments.” Fill in the agreed upon number of installments. See SI 02004.005C.

  • Obtain the recipient’s or the representative payee’s signature, enter the date of receipt of the TPD and give the claimant or representative payee the copy marked “Claimant” as a notice and record.

  • Retain the original to document the TPPS file.

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