TN 89 (04-24)

SI 02305.097 Developing Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWE) - RZs

A. Introduction

This section provides procedures for developing recipient allegations about IRWE during an RZ interview.

B. Description of RZs Completed On MSSICS Screens

Opening a “REDETERMINATION with or without RECAPs” event creates a MSSICS “path” that will guide the interviewer to the appropriate screens to document allegations and evidence relating to impairment related work expenses.

C. Description of Form SSA-8202-BK

There is no question on the SSA-8202-BK specifically designed to elicit information about IRWE.

D. Description of Form SSA-8203-BK - Question 14

Question 14 on the SSA-8203-BK — If you are disabled, do you have any special expenses that you paid that are related to your illness or injury which are necessary for you to work?

E. Procedure

Determine when IRWE must be considered and the development and documentation requirements per SI 00820.550. If the criteria are not met, do not ask the recipient if they have IRWE. If the recipient alleges IRWE or alleges no IRWE and SSA records indicate there is IRWE, take appropriate action per SI 00820.550 to develop or terminate IRWE.

In addition to the documentation criteria outlined in SI 00820.550B.2, recipient responses may be recorded in the REMARKS section of a SSA-8202-BK if that form is being used to complete the RZ or on a SSA-795 or a SSA-5002.

Discuss the possibility of establishing a PASS per SI 00870.001 if the recipient does not already have one. Information on the PASS can also be found on SSA's official Work Site at

For MSSICS cases, Allegations of IRWE are captured on the INEQ screen (MS 08114.033).

Expenses are documented on the IBIE screen (MS 08114.032).

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