TN 10 (02-20)

NL 00601.050 Abatement Notices

A. Definition

An abatement notice is the disposal of an application without making a determination. (See GN 01010.475D.3. on when and to whom we send a notice.)

B. Process

Do not adjudicate Title II abatements through MCS EC. Create a manual notice of abatement in the Document Processing System (DPS), unless it meets one of the exceptions listed in GN 01010.475D.3. For Title XVI cases, see NL 00802.030. No reconsideration paragraph is included.

  1. a. 

    Improper applicant - use code 67 in the Decision Status (DEC STAT) line of the Decision Input (DECI) screen and include paragraph MIS001 in the abatement notice.

  2. b. 

    Claimant deceased - when using disallowance code 68 or 96 in the DEC STAT line of the DECI screen, include paragraph MISR07 in the abatement notice (See NL 00725.315).

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