TN 1 (05-95)

NL 00702.005 M/TEXT Data Base



1. Models

Models can be letters, numbered paragraphs or paragraphs associated with object programs or exhibit letters. Models also contain notice formatting instructions and provide the interface that allows the input and edit of fill-in information.

2. Mini specification

Mini specifications are used to create models and give models the capability to accept fill-in data and display text language. Each model has a mini-specification. Typists will not normally view mini-specifications during notice preparation.

3. Documents

Documents are individual notices, letters or forms comprised of models and/or dictated text.

4. Text file

The models and mini-specifications are kept in a text file. The text file consists of "national" text which is written by central office for the use of all PSCs and locally authored text that fulfills specific needs of a PSC. Once locally authored text has been entered into the text file, it can be used by any PSC.

National text models are listed by their UTI as shown in POMS or other documents. The Notice Policy Staff (NPS) controls the identification of locally authored text.

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