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NL 00702.015 M/TEXT Workflow

A. Introduction

In M/TEXT, the actual preparation of documents by the typist is easier and quicker and more accurate than previous methods. This is because each paragraph and letter that is programmed into M/TEXT as a model prompts the user for fill-ins and choices and then edits the responses. This results in fewer key strokes for the typist and a more consistent product.

B. Policy

The folder/holder will be the control for work processing. The typist will receive folders/holders with a SSA-573 or other typing instruction forms from the technicians.

Typists should review notice requests in their entirety to determine if any issues need to be resolved before typing. PSC or component procedure should be followed in the resolution of any such issues.

When requesting a notice, such as an exhibit letter, that has mandatory paragraphs and optional paragraphs, the technicians will show on an SSA-573 any pertinent optional paragraphs and only fill-ins for mandatory paragraphs. Optional paragraphs are paragraphs that are either a choice between two or more paragraphs or paragraphs that do not have to be included.

Depending on PSC procedure, the typist/reviewer may be required to annotate the SSA-573 to indicate the date the document was sent for printing.

C. Process

The M/TEXT print sequence is as follows:

  • Documents to be printed are moved into an IP Queue or IF Queue by using the PF24 key.

  • At the end of the day, M/TEXT creates a print file containing all documents to be printed.

  • The PSC's use this print file and print the notices.

There will normally be a one day turnaround from a print queue to actual printing of the notice.

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