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NL 00702.141 Using M/SPELL

A. Introduction

M/SPELL is a spell checking dictionary used to verify spelling of dictated text.

M/SPELL will not check the spelling of fill-ins that are part of a model.

At the bottom of each screen used in M/SPELL is a menu of the PF keys and their M/SPELL functions.

B. Procedure

After a document is completed, M/SPELL is invoked by pressing PF2. Then press ENTER when the #SPELL screen appears. This will present the first M/ SPELL screen. The first M/SPELL screen identifies the total number of dictated words in the document and the number of words misspelled or unidentified. If there are no questionable words, press the PF3 key to end M/ SPELL and return to the document edit screen.

If there are questionable words, press ENTER. The next M/SPELL screen finds the first questionable word. The word is isolated on the screen and is also shown in context. To correct the word simply type over the word as it appears on the screen. Press ENTER and follow the instructions on the screen to replace the word with the new spelling. Or, press PF10 for a list of suggested words. Use the TAB key to move the cursor to the list of suggested words and use the up or down arrows to scan the words. If you find the correct word on the list, press ENTER and follow the instructions on the screen.

NOTE: If the questionable word is replaced with a word that is still not recognized by M/SPELL, the PF4 key must be used to confirm the new word.

After you correct the current word, press PF8 to go to the next word. (Press PF7 if the previous word is needed.)

Continue until all of the words have been corrected, then press PF3 which will prompt for:

END - Accept all corrections.
CANCEL - Ignore all corrections.
RESUME - Continue spell checking.

Move the cursor to respond appropriately and press ENTER. When the M/SPELL session is ended, you will be returned to the document edit screen and a message will appear at the bottom of the screen indicating that the document has been spell-checked.

C. List of M/Spell function keys

The following is a list of the M/SPELL function keys and what they do.

Replace misspelled word with correct word.

This entry should not be used. Use of this key will permanently add words to the M/SPELL dictionary.

End using M/SPELL.

Replace all occurrences of this misspelled word in the document.

Display previous word.

Display next word.

Pop up or fade out the window with the proposed alternate words.

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