TN 1 (05-95)

NL 00702.155 Deleting Documents - Procedure

If a document is not to be used, it should be deleted. To delete a document, first access the proper queue. Once in the proper queue, locate the document to be deleted. Key the line command “D” in the left margin next to the document. Press ENTER. The following prompt screen will appear: “Please confirm delete instruction (PF4).” Press PF4. The document has been deleted. If the document should not be deleted (e.g., the “d” was entered next to the wrong document), simply remove the “d” from the screen by using the keypad delete key.

If document deletion is controlled by a reviewer/manager, the typist should list the identifier for the document(s) to be deleted and the library they are in. The list should be given to the reviewer/manager at the end of the day for deletion from the I Queues.

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