TN 1 (05-95)

NL 00702.184 Dating a Document

A. Policy

Each PSC will determine how many days in the future its documents will be dated.

B. Process

M/TEXT will automatically date documents. The determined date will be based on when the document was moved to an IP or IF Queue. (e.g., 5 days from the date a document is moved to IP or IF Queue).

It is therefore, unnecessary to designate a date in most situations.

C. Procedure

When reconstructing a document or a mutilated notice or a REMAIL notice, it will be necessary to manually date the notice. The typist should enter the date in the date field of the #CTFP model.

If a document needs to be returned to the component for an attachment or any other reason, complete the date field in the #CTFP model like this: 00/00 /00. This entry will prevent a date from being printed by the laser printer and allow the document to be dated in the component along with updating the folder documentation (see NL 00702.161).

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