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NL 00703.129 Checks Stopped – RRB Jurisdiction of Survivor Claim

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A. Exhibit Letter — RRB Jurisdiction of Survivor Claim

Our records show that *F1 worked for the railroad industry. If a person is insured under the Railroad Retirement Act at the time of death, the Railroad Retirement Board is responsible for handling survivor claims. The amount of benefits the Railroad Retirement Board pays is based on the combined Social Security and railroad earnings. If a survivor annuity or a lump-sum death payment can be paid under the Railroad Retirement Act, no lump-sum death payment or monthly benefit can be paid to the survivor under the Social Security Act based on the same earnings. This is true even though that person was also insured under Social Security. Because of this rule, *F2 *F3 only entitled to the Railroad Retirement annuity.

If the Railroad Retirement Board has not already contacted *F4 concerning *F5 benefits, they will be doing so in the near future.


If You have Any Questions


3901C – Domestic

3901D – Foreign




*F1-1 railroad worker’s name

*F2-1 you

*F2-2 beneficiary’s name

*F3-1 are

*F3-2 is

*F4-1 you

*F4-2 beneficiary’s name

*F5-1 your

*F5-2 his

*F5-3 her

B. Process – RRB Jurisdiction of Survivor Claim

When RRB determines that they have jurisdiction of the survivor benefits, we terminate the beneficiary’s survivor benefits (LAF TO) and send a letter to the beneficiary to notify him/her that SSA will not pay any survivor benefits. A special notice should be sent to the survivor beneficiary explaining why we are terminating payment.

C. Procedure – Notice Preparation Instructions

Follow established notice standards.

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