TN 33 (02-98)

NL 00703.746 IRS Levy Implemented

Document Identifier: E3746


We are writing to you about the enclosed Notice of Levy. You asked us to take money out of the [1] for [2].

What We Will Take Out

We will take out $[3] from each monthly payment to collect what [4] owes IRS. We will continue to withhold this amount until we receive a Release From Levy from you.

If you have any questions, please write to us at the above address.


Notice of Levy



Choice 1 -

Social Security payments


Choice 2 -

Black Lung payments


Choice 3 -

Social Security and Black Lung payments


full name of beneficiary as it appears on the Levy, in format: James L. Smith


$$ amount withheld each month


last name of beneficiary, in format: Mr. Smith

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NL 00703.746 - IRS Levy Implemented - 02/18/1998
Batch run: 02/18/1998