NL 00710.005 Index of Guide Paragraphs

A. Opening Paragraphs

Reference to Letter or Telephone Inquiry—First Response 1000
Reference to Letter or Telephone Inquiry—Subsequent Response 1001
Reply to Inquiry From Outgoing Member of Congress (Reply to New Member) 1002
Inquiries Addressed to the President 1003
Acknowledgement Has Already Been Sent for the President 1004
Especially Interesting or Complimentary Letter Directed to the President 1005

B. Interim Response Paragraphs

Acknowledgements 1050
Case in DO—Report Received 1051
Case Recently Sent to DO 1052
Case Being Sent to DO for Personal Explanation of Denial Decision 1053
Case Sent or Being Sent to DO and DDS—Reconsideration Requested 1054
Denied Case Being Re-evaluated—Being Sent to DO and DDS 1055
Case Being Returned to DDS through DO—Additional Non-Medical Development Required 1056
Case in DDS—Report Received 1057
Case Recently Sent to DDS 1058
Case in DDS for Reconsideration—Report Received 1059
Request for Reconsideration—Case in DDS 1060
Case Being Sent to DDS for Re-evaluation 1061
Case Being Sent to DDS for Additional Information and Re-evaluation 1062
Case Returned to DDS for Further Consideration 1063
Case Returned to DDS for Additional Medical Development 1064

C. Decision Paragraphs

Allowance of DIB 1100
Allowance—DIB—Period of Disability Begins Later Than Alleged Onset Due to Date Earnings Requirement First Met 1100.2
Closed Period 1103
Initial Denial—Disability Requirements Not Met 1104
Initial Denial—Engaged in SGA 1104.1
Initial Denial—Earnings Requirements Not Met 1105
Reconsideration Denial-Disability Requirements Not Met 1106
Reconsideration Denial-Earnings Requirement Not Met 1107
Denial Upheld by ALJ—No Subsequent Appeal Action Taken 1108
Denial of Subsequent Application 1109
Cessation-Initial 1110
Cessation-Benefits Previously Suspended Pending Completion of CDI 1111
Cessation—Reconsideration 1112
Cessation Affirmed Upon Reconsideration—New Application Denied 1113

D. Requirements of Law and Regulations Paragraphs

Earnings Requirement—General and Specific 1150
DIB and Freeze—Disability Requirements 1151
DIB and Freeze—Disability and Earnings Requirements 1152
DWB—Disability Requirements 1152.1
DWB—Disability and Specified 7-Year Requirements—General 1152.2
DWB—Severe Impairment Alleged to Have Existed in The Past But Does Not Exist At Any Time Within the Specified 7-year Period 1152.3
Childhood Disability Requirements 1154
Willful Failure to Follow Prescribed Treatment 1155
DIB—Explanation of Continuing Eligibility 1156
DIB-CDB Cessation—Not Disabled 1157
DWB Cessation—Not Disabled 1157.1
DIB-CDB Cessation—Work Activity—Trial Work Period 1158
DWB Cessation-Work Activity—Trial Work Period 1158.1
DIB-DWB-CDB Cessation—Not Disabled vs Work Activity Cessation 1159
Variations on Law Paragraphs 1160
Medically Determinable, Definition of 1161
SGA, Definition of 1162
Five-month Waiting Period 1163
Extended Period of Eligibility 1164
Inability to Engage in SGA Not Established—DIB or CDB Claimant Confined to Hospital, Institution, etc 1170

E. Adjudicative Process Paragraphs

Determination Making Process 1200
Reconsideration—Rationale for Reconsideration Process 1201

F. Procedural and Informational Paragraphs

Adequate Medical Evidence 1250
Claimant's Responsibility for Furnishing Medical Evidence 1251
Dissatisfaction With Consultative Examination 1252
Attending Physician's Conclusion (General) 1253
Attending Physician's Conclusion (Specific Physician) 1254
Claimant Mentions Inability to Do Former Work 1255
Claimant Mentions Inability to Find Suitable Work 1256
Claimant Mentions Lack of Job Opportunities in His Locality 1257
Advice Re Inability to Engage in SGA 1258
Advice Re Future Decision to Follow Prescribed Treatment 1259
Advice Re Worsening of Condition 1260
Advice Re Worsening of Condition—Cessation Case 1261
Advice Re Worsening of Condition—Cessation Case—Reference to No Waiting Period 1262
Reconsideration Paragraphs 1263
Hearing Paragraphs 1264
Claimant Did Not Appeal Initial Decision 1265
Claimant Did Not Appeal Reconsideration Decision 1266
Hearing Pending 1267
No Determination Made as to Disability 1268
Subsequent Application—No Determination Made as to Disability 1269
Auxiliary Beneficiaries 1270
Another Disability Program Mentioned 1271
Favorable Disability Determination by Another Agency/Program 1271.1
P and T Pension Award by Veterans Administration 1272
Individual Complains About Others With Same Impairment Receiving Benefits 1273
Referral to VR for Rehabilitation Services 1275
Purpose of DIB—Status Requirements 1276
Reply to Request for Lowering the Age at Which Retirement Benefits are First Payable 1277
Eligibility for RIB at Age 62 1278
Refund of Social Security Contributions 1279
Individual in Need of Financial Assistance 1280
Explanation for Processing Time—Obtaining Medical Evidence 1281
Evaluation—Use of Listings 1282

G. Railroad Employment Paragraphs

General Explanation to Wage Earner 1300
Not Insured Under Social Security 1301
Freeze Established—Not Eligible for DIB 1302
Freeze Established—Not Eligible for DIB—May be Eligible for RIB at Age 62 1303
Insured for RIB at Age 65 1304
Not a Career Railroad Worker 1305
W/E Has 120 Months RR Service 1306

H. Closing Paragraphs

Case in or Being Sent to District Office 1350
Case in or Being Sent to District Office—(Initial Determination Completed) 1350.1
Case in or Being Sent to DDS 1351
Request for Hearing Filed 1352
Claimant Should Contact DO with Further Questions 1353
Information Being Furnished to Third Party 1354
Cooperate with DDS if Contacted by Them 1355
Additional Information Should be Sent to District Office 1356
Action on Claim Will be Completed as Soon as Possible 1357

I. Medicare Paragraphs

Law Paragraphs 1360
Future Entitlement 1361
Enrollment and Premiums 1362
Refusals and Cancellations 1363
Medicare Coverage for Kidney Disorders 1364
Medicare Coverage Exclusions 1365
Other Medical Insurance Plans 1366

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