NL 00722.043 Advance Notice - Age 16

A. Sample Notice

B. General

The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981 provides that an advance notice should be sent to a beneficiary (who is entitled because there is a minor on the roles) 6 months prior to his/her termination due to the last child's attainment of age 16. This advance notice will be computer generated to send to those selected through Title II Redesign (T2RD), and mailed directly to the beneficiary from central office. If this advance notice must be prepared manually, (e.g., there is less than 6 months between the date of entitlement and the date of termination, and will not be automatically selected through the T2RD to have the notice sent 6 months prior to termination or the notice is to be sent to a terminating BY or BW based on a folder review), the benefit authorizer must prepare form SSA-573 to type the advance notice on form SSA-L1076-EP.

As indicated on the sample form, the closing paragraph is different for a letter with a foreign address.

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