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NL 00730.005 Title II Redesign (T2R) Automated Notices

A. Language in Title II Redesign (T2R) notices


The T2R notice process generates automated notices in both English and Spanish. When the language (LANG) field on the updated Master Beneficiary Record (MBR) = Spanish (S), the T2R notice process will generate both a Spanish and English notice. We send both versions of the notice to the beneficiary. We print the Spanish notice first, followed by the English notice.


When we generate “enclosures,” the name of the enclosure appears on the first page of the Spanish notice. If there is a Spanish version, the beneficiary receives only the Spanish enclosure. If there is no Spanish version, we include the English version.


Although some refund envelopes (e.g. CMS Refund Envelope) have both a Spanish and English version, policy requires that we use only the English version of the envelope.

B. Actions generating automated notices

The T2R system produces a notice when we update the MBR in the following situations:

  • Medicare Part A (hospital insurance or HI) - and Part B (medical insurance or SMI) enrollments, withdrawals, and terminations

  • Reducing the Part B premiums because of the Medicare Modernization Act;

  • Part B premium deductions start for cases where the Railroad Retirement Board has jurisdiction;

  • Maturing actions when Part B premium or Voluntary Tax Withholding (VTW) deductions are involved;

  • Deductions of Medicare health premiums (Part C) and Medicare prescription drug premiums (Part D) from SSA benefits;

  • Part B premium changes from Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA); and

  • The Part B premium is greater than the Monthly Benefit Amount (MBA) and a suspension of monthly benefits occurs. We send an automated billing notification.

Beginning with T2R Release 3 in June 2004, we expanded T2R to include post entitlement processing. T2R generates notices for student awards, disabled child awards, parent awards, entitlement conversions based on full retirement age (FRA), other age attainments and death of the number holder (NH). For some entitlement conversion situations, T2R will convert the old Payment Identification Code (OLD-PIC) to a NEW-PIC. However, because of a suspension for a developmental reason, we cannot tell the beneficiary of the new type of benefit. If T2R resumes benefits, it only addresses the resumption of benefits. It does not explain the new type of benefit based on the prior entitlement conversion.

T2R generates notices for suspensions, terminations, voluntary tax withholding, workers compensation, public disability benefits, direct deposit, domestic to foreign address changes, payee changes, death terminations, and other post entitlement actions that update the MBR.

T2R generates a notice when the beneficiary’s MBA changes for any effective date. Policy requires this notification of the MBA change even if the Monthly Benefit Credited (MBC) does not change. T2R addresses reasons for MBA changes, including:

  • benefits to another entitled person stop due to death or another reason,

  • benefits to an auxiliary decrease due to the entitlement of another beneficiary,

  • cost of living increase,

  • adjusted reduction factor (ARF) or delayed retirement credits (DRCs) are applied,

  • workers’ compensation and public disability benefits are factored in,

  • an incorrect MBA determined by the T2R RATES business process, and

  • a zero MBA when the Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) equals the MAX and the History Reason for Suspension or Termination (HRFST) is Technical Entitlement (TECENT).

We generate a T2R notice for suspense-to-suspense status (Ledger Account File (LAF) S to LAF S) when the MBA changes. For example, if pre MBR LAF = S and post MBR LAF = S and the only change is an MBA change because another beneficiary terminated, the T2R notice will address the MBA change(s) for each effective date. The T2R notice will not repeat the reason the beneficiary is in suspense. The notice states benefits will not be paid at this time. Whenever an effective date in MBR History Data (HIST) shows a HRFST posted, but not posted for the same effective date on the pre MBR, the T2R notice does give the new suspension reason.

With the November 2005 Release, based on legislation, T2R generates notices relating to:

  • fugitive felon suspensions,

  • garnishment and levy deductions, and

  • CDR Failure to Cooperate suspensions and terminations.

Beginning with the November 2007 release, T2R generates an overpayment Payment Stub for new T2 overpayments. The Payment Stub appears after the signature page in the notice (NL 00730.200).

In August 2012, the Automated Job Stream 3 (AJS3) software was retired and functionality rolled into T2R. T2R enhanced notices have the ability to report details on work and earnings and the potential effects of those earnings on benefits.

In August 2014, T2R incorporated functionality of another system, Automated Job Stream 1 (AJS1). After we fold all AJS1 functionality into T2R, T2R will provide information on Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) changes that have an effect on benefits. Effective August 2014, T2R notices also provide information when:

  • we apply the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) for the first time or remove it, or

  • we transfer a death underpayment to another beneficiary on the same account.

In August 2014, T2R started generating automated a standalone “Change of Address Confirmation” (COA) notice when someone inputs a change of address through the internet. In August 2020, the Telephone Interactive Voice Response System was added as an additional source for reporting a change of address thus invoking the "Change of Address Confirmation" (COA) notice. In October 2022, the T2R COA notice was enhanced to make the notice available online in the beneficiary's "MySSA" account. The Customer Communication Management (CCM) system now creates the notice and a message to alert the beneficiary of its availability in the Message Center of their "MySSA" account. The notice:

  • Lets the beneficiary or representative payee know that we changed the address on our records because of a request made on the Internet at “MySSA” or over the phone using the interactive voice system.

  • Gives steps to take if beneficiary or representative payee didn’t request the address change

  • Goes to the old address on the record

  • Does not disclose other details about the beneficiary’s account; and

  • Does not display the beneficiary’s Social Security number

In February 2015, T2R started sending notices to beneficiaries who receive a Prior Month Accrual (PMA) check when they are in a terminated status on the Pre MBR and remain in a terminated status on the Post MBR.


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