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VB 00201.040 Informal Denial for Clear Technical Reasons

A. Introduction

Under title VIII, certain World War II veterans who are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits may be entitled to receive a special benefit for each month he/she subsequently resides outside of the United States. Entitlement to the Special Veterans Benefits (SVB) is based on the veteran's World War II military service and other criteria listed in VB 00102.001.

B. Policy

An informal denial notice should be sent only if it is clear from the information provided by the applicant and after reviewing our records that the claimant does not meet one or more of the qualification requirements for SVB. (See VB 00102.001A for list of qualification requirements.) This informal denial notice closes either a protective filing statement or an oral inquiry.

While establishing a residence outside of the United States is not one of the requirements for qualification for SVB, the claimant must establish a residence outside of the United States to be entitled to receive the SVB payment. (See VB 00101.001B.1. for definition of United States for SVB purposes.)

C. Procedure

Dispose of a written protective filing or an oral inquiry for SVB by:

  • Sending an informal denial notice to the applicant (see VB 05001.011 for notice language).

  • Retain a copy of the notice for an additional 30 days beyond 60-day protective filing period (90 days total).

  • Discard the notice if applicant completes an application Form SSA-2000-F6 within the 60-day protective filing period.

D. References

World War II Allied Service, RS 01701.001A, RS 01702.505

Qualification Requirements for SVB, VB 00102.001

Definition of United States, VB 00101.001B.1.

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