TN 6 (07-20)

RM 03803.007 Handling Correspondence and Assigning Cases

  1. A. 

    If the incoming material appears to be follow up correspondence, associate it with the original inquiry and forward immediately within the module for processing. If the incoming material is an initial inquiry, apply the instructions in B-G below.

  2. B. 

    Request an MEF printout via the electronic control system for all cases and for each SSN involved.

  3. C. 

    If all or part of the period(s) in question involves a year(s) prior to 1978, in addition to the MEF printout (per B. above), request an SSA-1826 (Itemized Statement of Earnings) per RM 01403.018 for each SSN involved and each period(s) prior to 1978 in which employment is alleged. When requesting an SSA-1826, ensure that the following rules are applied:

    1. 1. 


      Use activity code “01”

    2. 2. 


      Use activity code “02”

    3. 3. 


      Use activity code “03”

    4. 4. 


      Request “year through 1977” itemization using the following rules for the first year to be itemized:

      1. a. 

        The year the youngest NH attained age 14, or

      2. b. 

        The year of assignment of the incorrectly used SSN, or

      3. c. 

        The year 2 years prior to the date shown on an incorrectly processed OAAN-7003 or SS-5, or

      4. d. 

        Where a definite date is given on the incoming, the year 2 years prior, or

      5. e. 

        1937, if a “Same Name” case is involved, or

      6. f. 

        15 years back from the current year, if a “Different Name” case is involved

  4. D. 

    Request a numident printout for all cases coded “SW” or “IR”.

  5. E. 

    When the printout(s) in B through D above are associated with the case, review the incoming material and the numident (if requested) to determine if any previous correspondence may be in file. If there is any indication of prior correspondence, obtain the folder and associate it with the case. If a correspondence folder cannot be located, continue with the functional handling of the case.

  6. F. 

    Perform any initial functional scouting as required by internal procedures.

  7. G. 

    Assign cases within the module based on the receipt date of the correspondence. Assign the oldest cases first.

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