TN 5 (11-20)

RM 10201.040 Void Social Security Numbers (SSNs)

A. Policy for void SSNs

SSA assigns SSNs to individuals when an application has been filed to request the assignment of a number. SSA does not delete, destroy, rescind, inactivate, or cancel SSNs once they are assigned. However, under some situations SSNs are marked as “void.”

1. Voids of SSNs assigned before 1973

When an SSN was issued under the pre-1973 field office (FO) SSN assignment procedures, some shipments were occasionally lost in transit, fire, or flood before Central Office (CO) could establish the records. For these situations, CO established the related records as “VOID”, subject to reestablishment of the identifying information on the record when and if SSA eventually determines to whom a particular SSN was assigned.

2. Voids of SSNS assigned through enumeration at birth (EAB)

SSA deletes identifying data about a newborn (but not the SSN itself) when SSA assigned the newborn an SSN through the EAB process but the parent did not request an SSN be assigned. In such situations, the identifying data is deleted from the Numident and the message "Social Security Number is Void" appears on the Numident.

B. References

  • RM 10220.410, Parent Objects to Assignment of SSN to Child under the Enumeration at Birth (EAB) Process

  • RM 10235.020, Reestablishing Void SSNs

  • MSOM MES 004.002, Resolving Enumeration Feedback Messages

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