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RM 10205.030 Proper Applicant is a Legal Guardian

A. Proper applicant is legal guardian

A court-appointed legal guardian (individual or other entity) always has priority over any other proper applicants.

B. Evidence needed to establish a legal guardian is the proper applicant

In addition to documents required for the person to whom the SSN is issued, i.e., evidence of age, identity, and U.S. citizenship or current lawful alien status (or, if not authorized to work in the U.S., evidence of a current valid nonwork need) appropriate to the type of SSN card requested, you must also obtain the following evidence from the proper applicant.

1. Proof of identity of the applicant

We must see proof of identity for the person filing the application.

2. Evidence that the applicant represents the legal guardian

When the legal guardian is not an individual (i.e., an agency or bank), we must see documentation to show that the applicant is acting on behalf of the legal guardian entity. See Authority to act on behalf of agency, RM 10205.050B.2.

3. Evidence of relationship/custody/responsibility

We must see court documents establishing that the applicant has legal guardianship of the number holder (NH). Proof of legal guardianship is sufficient evidence of relationship, custody, and responsibility.

C. References

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