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RM 10205.092 Returning Documents Submitted for an SSN Card

Citations: 20 CFR 422.103

A. Policy for returning documents submitted for an SSN card

Return all evidence documents to the applicant. When documents must be verified by the issuing agency, make clear photocopies of the documents to keep with the pending SSN application. For additional information on the “Suspect Status” holding file, refer to RM 10215.015.

DO NOT confiscate an applicant’s evidentiary documents even if the documents appear suspicious or are believed to be fraudulent.

If suspect documents are submitted, enter the application into SSNAP and verify them with the issuing agency following RM 10210.200. If the issuing agency cannot verify the documents, deny the SSN application and, as appropriate, make fraud referrals to Office of Inspector General (OIG).

See Details:

  • RM 10205.300, Suspect Documents with SSN Application

  • RM 10205.305, Fraudulent Documents with SSN Application

  • GN 04111.000, Reporting Program Violations — Subchapter Table of Contents

B. How to return documents submitted for an SSN card

Return evidence documents to the applicant by mail and notify the applicant about:

  • processing time for issuing a card, and

  • contacting SSA if the card is not received within that timeframe.

Use Form SSA-L2880, Returning Documents Submitted as Evidence in Support of SSN Applications, available on the Document Processing System DPS Production . For additional information on Form SSA-L2880, see RM 00299.070.

C. Reference

  • GN 00301.210A.5., Evidence Lost

  • RM 10201.075 Handling Social Security Number (SSN) Cards Received in the Field Office (FO)

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