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RM 10205.190 Recording Evidence on Form SS-5 When Not Using SSNAP

A. What to show in the evidence submitted block on an SS-5

When you cannot process an application for an SSN using SSNAP and you forward a paper Form SS-5 (Application for a Social Security Card) to the Office of Central Operations (OCO) for processing, annotate the evidence submitted block to show the following, when applicable:

  • The type of document(s) used to support application for SSN (including documents for a person applying on behalf of another person);

  • The reason a non-work number is requested to support the “Y” entry in the NWR block;

  • The reason a new (different) SSN is assigned to support the DNR block (e.g., harassment/abuse, SSN misuse/disadvantage; religious objection to certain digits; scrambled earnings);

  • The I-Main SAVE verification number used to verify Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued documents proving lawful alien or citizenship status;

  • The document type and alien registration number used to verify asylee status via the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) case status line or refugee status via the Department of State, Worldwide Refugee Admission Processing System (WRAPS) fax;

  • The reason why an individual, age 12 or over, applying for an original SSN never had an SSN before;

  • New evidence received after developing and clearing an “investigate” message, or when a “suspect” document is verified by the issuing agency;

  • The reason why a replacement card beyond the yearly or lifetime limit is issued to an SSN replacement card applicant; and

  • Whether the applicant returned an SSN card.

REMINDER: Evidence/annotations entered must support coding in the ITV, PBC, EVI, EVA, EVC, PRA, NWR, and DNR blocks, or document why a replacement SSN card beyond the yearly or lifetime limits was issued to the applicant. Other annotations/comments are not appropriate.

B. Other annotations in the evidence submitted block on the SS-5

If required elsewhere in POMS, include other annotations in the evidence submitted block. Show such annotations when:

  • U.S. citizenship was previously established per Who Must Submit Evidence of U.S. Citizenship for an SSN Card RM 10210.500A;

  • An initial card is suppressed per SSNs for the Amish and Mennonites RM 10225.035;

  • No documents exist to support a prior name because a name change was made based on an employer wage report and the applicant never used the name per RM 10212.156 and RM 10212.160A; or

  • An incorrect SSN card is returned and new card issued per Exceptions to SSN Card Limits Due to a Mistake by SSA RM 10205.420.

C. Coding the evidence submitted block on an SS-5

Follow the rules for coding evidence on the EVID and DROC screens for PE cases found in GN 00301.288.

Remember, each document must have an audit trail to provide enough information to contact the custodian directly to verify the authenticity of a record.

Distinguish between evidence for the person applying on behalf of another and the person to whom the SSN is being assigned.

For example, if a mother from Arizona is the proper applicant for their child and they provide a valid drivers’ license as proof of their identity, the entry in the evidence submitted block would be: “Mother's AZ D/L.”

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