TN 1 (02-10)

RM 10212.010 Evidence of a Name Change on the SSN

The following chart lists events that are a basis for a name change and gives the appropriate policy reference for determining which document is acceptable evidence of the name change event. To determine whether the submitted document is acceptable for a name change on the SSN card, use the reference provided. All documents submitted for a name change must be reviewed under the SSN evidence guidelines described in RM 10210.210.

For situations where a name correction is needed (e.g., a spouse decides to resume maiden name) and no legal name change event has occurred, see RM 10212.150.



US ceremonial marriage

RM 10212.025

US common law marriage

RM 10212.030

US recognized same-sex marriage

RM 10212.035

US recognized civil union

RM 10212.040

US recognized domestic partnerships

RM 10212.045

Foreign marriage or foreign recognized same-sex marriage

RM 10212.050

US or foreign divorce or annulment

RM 10212.060

U.S. Certificate of Naturalization (N-550/N-570)

RM 10212.070

US court order for a name change

RM 10212.080

US State amended/corrected birth certificate

RM 10212.090

Canadian issued document

RM 10212.096

U.S. Tribal document

RM 10212.099

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