TN 49 (11-17)

GN 00205.130 Significance of Items on Retirement Applications

A. Marital status and children

  • Develop auxiliary benefits if the number holder (NH) has a spouse or child(ren) and they appear eligible.

  • Use the NH's marital history to decide if the NH may be eligible for another class of benefits.

NOTE: If the NH is the widow(er) of a Railroad (RR) employee and is under full retirement age, receiving Retirement Insurance Benefits (RIB) may adversely affect the amount of the RR widow(er)'s annuity.

B. Disability is alleged

If the NH alleges a disability, develop entitlement for Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) following the procedures in GN 00205.035.

C. Current year earnings estimate

Use the earnings estimate for the retirement test to evaluate information where the claimant needs quarters of coverage for insured status, and for benefit purposes in advance file cases.

D. References

GN 00205.035 Disability Questions for Retirement, Survivors, Disability Insurance (RSDI) Applications

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