TN 40 (05-12)

GN 00301.055 Evidence in SSA's Possession

A. Policy for establishing factors of entitlement

If we established a factor of entitlement in a previous claim for monthly benefits (e.g., marriage to the number holder), do not ask the claimant to resubmit the proof if the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR), the Supplemental Security Record (SSR), or coding on cleared or archived Modernized Claims System (MCS) screens reflects that the entitlement requirements were satisfied on the prior claim. The claimant's current allegations must agree with the MBR.


  • If the prior claim was a disability insurance benefits (DIB) denial, we must redevelop all proofs because of DIB deferred development procedures, with the exception of the NH's age if we have previous proof.

  • If the only prior claim was for the lump-sum death payment, treat the current claim as an initial claim.

B. Procedure for documenting the claim with proof

Document the current claim with applicable proof data highlighted. To use cleared or archived MCS screens, see GN 01010.038.

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