TN 95 (08-23)

GN 00301.080 Certification by Custodian of the Record

Policy for certifying records for evidence

SSA will accept a photocopy of the original record or an extract (typed, handwritten, or computer generated) from the record as evidence from a claimant or applicant only if the record custodian attests to the document's authenticity and accuracy by:

  • a signed or stamped statement executed at the time the photocopy or extract is made; or

  • affixing their seal of office to the photocopy or extract.

EXCEPTION: It may be the practice of the local custodian of records to issue uncertified photocopies of birth registration notification. These records are acceptable. If we retain a photocopy of the document, the SSA certifier must include a statement on the back of the SSA photocopy that they identified the claimant's document as one routinely issued by the custodian of records.

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