TN 9 (03-91)

GN 00301.265 Safeguarding claimant's documents


1. Handling

  1. a. 

    Do not fold documents if the claimant submits them unfolded.

  2. b. 

    When forwarding documents for translation, use an envelope of sufficient size with protective inserts or a mailing tube. If an envelope is used, type or stamp the following legend on the face of the envelope: “Important Document - (Language) Translation Needed-Do not fold, bend or mutilate.”

  3. c. 

    Do not staple, punch, or write on documents. An exception may be made in the case of the NH's name and SSN, and the resident FO. This should be written in light pencil on the reverse of the document to reduce the danger of loss or disassociation.

  4. d. 

    Do not date stamp the document.

2. Mailing

If documents must be forwarded separately to another office (to avoid folding), clearly mark the envelope or mailing tube with the legend: “To be associated with Claim 000-00-0000”. The other office should also be made aware of the two mailings to prevent unnecessary development requests and to ensure that the two mailings are associated in the receiving office.

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