TN 15 (02-92)

GN 00302.040 Evidence Required for Claimants Age 73 or Older

A. Introduction

There is an exception to the normal proof-of-age requirements for claimants who are age 73 or older. A lesser standard of evidence may be used for these individuals.

B. Policy

If a claimant filed an application alleging to be age 73 or older, his/her DB may be determined on the basis of two documents provided both records

  • Were recorded at least 5 years prior to the filing date of the current application, and

  • Indicate that he/she is at least age 73.

A public or religious record of birth established before age 5 need not be requested and no written DB determination need be prepared. Use the alleged DB.

For instructions about proof of age tolerances that may apply, see "Evidence of Age - Tolerances" in GN 00302.030.

C. Rationale

Studies have shown that this evidence will be reliable in establishing that a person is within 3 years of the age shown (rather than an exact DB). Since a 3-year age difference normally is not material when a person files at age 73, this rule can generally be used.

D. Exception

Follow GN 00302.050 if:

  • Any evidence shows the claimant may be under age 73, and the tolerance in GN 00302.030 does not apply, or

  • An age discrepancy affects the computation of insured status, benefit amount, or SMI premium amount.

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