TN 15 (02-92)

GN 00302.052 Preferred Evidence of Age

A. Definition

Preferred evidence of age is either a public record of birth established before the claimant attained age 5, or a religious record of age established before the claimant attained age 5.

B. Policy

Preferred evidence of age must be obtained, if available, for claimants under age 73 unless a tolerance applies. For instructions about proof of age tolerances, see "Evidence of Age - Tolerances" in GN 00302.030.

The fact that a lengthy delay may be incurred in obtaining a public or religious record of age does not alter the requirement that the record be sought where there is an indication that it is available.

Follow the instructions in GN 00302.057 and GN 00302.058 to determine the availability of birth records from U.S. states and foreign countries and whether to ask the claimant to obtain his/her birth or religious record. See GN 00307.190 for instructions about the acceptability of foreign evidence and whether to request it.

C. References

  • See GN 00302.054 for a discussion of public records of birth.

  • See GN 00302.056 for a discussion of religious records of age.

  • See GN 00302.057 for instructions on determining whether preferred evidence is available.

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