TN 9 (02-85)

GN 00302.335 Evidence of Holocaust Survivor Status

A. Rule

When a claimant alleges a DB which is discrepant with the evidence of age submitted, and states that he/she is a survivor of the Holocaust who changed the DB in order to survive, ask the claimant to submit evidence of survivor status. Such evidence will constitute proof of survivor status for individuals who meet the definition of Holocaust survivor in GN 00302.327.

B. Evidence of Holocaust survivor status

Any one of the following types of evidence can establish that the individual is a survivor of the Holocaust:

  • Tattooed numbers on the forearm (no set number of digits)

  • Tattoo “KL” instead of numbers

  • Scar on forearm indicating surgical removal of tattoo

  • Award letter or other correspondence from the West German Government under the indemnification procedures (such payments were made to some survivors who filed within specified timeframes; survivors need not have in what was then (or is now) Germany)

  • Copies of depositions made to apply for indemnification from the West German Government after the cutoff dates (some survivors who were otherwise qualified for the payments failed to file on time)

  • Copies of depositions made in connection with the prosecution of war criminals

  • Documents identifying the bearer as a

    • Displaced person, or

    • An inmate of a concentration or work camp, or

    • Similar documents from that period (there will be very few such documents because survivors were routinely stripped of them as the war drew to a close)

  • Identification papers issued by Nazi Germany or occupation authorities identifying the person as Jewish (including passports issued by Germany with a large red “J” stamped across it)

  • Proof of residence in one of the countries in GN 00302.336 during the time period noted

  • Information from the records of a survivor study organization or an organization aiding survivors (see GN 00302.337 for specific instructions)

  • Information from a West German Consulate or other diplomatic office (see GN 00302.338)

  • Evidence from foreign sources (see GN 00302.340)

C. No evidence from any source

If there is no evidence of Holocaust survivor status available from any source, telephone the Regional Office, Insurance Programs Branch for assistance and possible referral to the Office of retirement and Survivors Insurance, Division of Entitlement, Eligibility and Relationship Branch.

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