GN DEN00302.510 Indian Census Records in South Dakota

See GN 00302.510

The Bureau of Indian Affairs conducted an annual census on the Reservations from the late 1800s until the mid-1920's. These Tribal Census records are maintained by the South Dakota Historical Society in Pierre, South Dakota. The census was taken by community and one reservation could have up to 50 separate alphabetical listings. Age is usually shown rather than month, day or year. This source for proof of age or citizenship should therefore be used as a last resort.

A request for a search and certification of BIA records in Pierre should be sent via SSA-562 directly to the resident station in Pierre, South Dakota. Furnish as much identifying information as possible and the name of the community where the individual was living at the time of birth.

NOTE: These records should not be confused with those maintained by the BIA in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

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