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GN 00302.560 Family Bible or Other Family Record

A. Policy

A Bible or other family record of age or DB made at or near birth has high probative value. However, study has indicated that it is often difficult to determine when a person's age or DB was entered into such a record. Therefore, there are special documentation requirements to assist the DO in evaluating such records.

B. Documentation requirements

The DO will include in the file the following information regarding a family Bible or other family record:

  • Date of publication or last copyright date of the Bible or other record

    • Of course, no entry could have been made prior to such date.

  • Claimant's statements

    • Who has custody of the record over the years?

    • Who made the entry?

    • When was the entry made?

    • What is the basis for such knowledge or beliefs?

  • Observations regarding entry

    • Judging by the handwriting of the various entries in the record, do they appear to have been made by the same person at the same time?

    • Is there any evidence of erasures, alterations, etc?

    • Are the entries arranged chronologically?

    • Is the ink or pencil faded?

    • Does the relevant entry appear to be an old or more recent entry?

  • Any pertinent facts or observations about the record

    • For example, in some cases it may prove helpful to record the entries which precede and follow the relevant entry.

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