Basic (09-87)

GN 00302.770 Request for Expedited Census Search

A. Normal Time for Census Requests

If the claimant furnishes sufficient information to allow a successful search of the census records, the result will be furnished in most cases within 14 days after receipt by the Personal Census Services Branch. It will rarely be more than 4 weeks before the record (or notice that it cannot be located) is received. To avoid a delay, be sure there is an actual signature, not a typed name or a blank, authorizing payment.

B. Urgent Need for Census Information

Where census information is needed more quickly, the Bureau of the Census will begin a search as soon as the request received is provided and it is properly identified. Use the expedited census search procedure only if one  of the following situations is present:

  • There is severe economic hardship (e.g., the claimant alleges no income and evidence in file such as statements regarding work activity, the ER, etc., support this), or

  • The claim has been pending more than 6 weeks at the time the census request is made.

C. Expedited Census Search Procedure

To request an expedited census search, identify the case by stapling a Special Tag (HHS-94) to the upper left-hand corner of the SSA-1535-U3

Do not use this procedure with BC-600 requests.

D. Do Not Overuse Procedure

The Bureau of the Census can handle only a very limited number of urgent requests a day.

Indiscriminate use of the expedited procedure will defeat the purpose of this special service by delaying claims where expedited search is truly required, and could conceivably lead to the elimination of the expedited search procedure altogether.

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