Basic (09-87)

GN 00302.800 Followup on Census Record Requests

A. Rule

A followup can be made only if 45 days have elapsed from the date the request was mailed.

If there has been interim correspondence from the Bureau of the Census (see GN 00302.820) requesting additional information from the claimant, the followup may be made no sooner than 45 days from the date the required information is mailed to the Bureau of the Census.

B. Procedure

Use this procedure in following up on census requests.

Step Action


Was the census record request made on an SSA-1535-U3

  • If yes, go to step 4

  • If no, go to step 2


Contact the claimant to determine:

  • When the BC-600 was mailed, and

  • The amount of the fee submitted, and

  • Whether the claimant canceled the authorization for the DO to receive a copy.


Does the information obtained in step 2 show that followup is needed?

  • If yes, go to step 4

  • If no take whatever action is required by the situation (e.g., wait for the end of the 45 day period of followup).


Include the following with the followup request:

  • The claimant's name and address, or

  • A photocopy of the SSA-1535-U3 or BC-600


Send the following by SSA-562-U3 to the FO at:

2656 Charlestown Rd.

New Albany, IN 47150

(FO code is 465)

NOTE:  Do not  attempt to contact the Bureau of the Census directly. Only the parallel DO in New Albany, Indiana is authorized to do so, at the request of the FO which requested the record.

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